Student Law

Rays Emitting From Books Are Directly Proportional To Sleepness..!


(Students First Law Of Nalaiqness)


Save My Life..!

PlzZz Pass This Sms To Save My Life,,


I Am "Mohsin"

Blood Group = "A+"

Urgently Needed = 2 Bottles Of







With Large PizZzAA...!


Technology Impact...!

Technology Impact...


YEAR 2020,,


Father Angrily To His Son...


I have Told You Hundred Times,,


That u Were Really Born,




Girl To Sardaar :

Girl To Sardaar : How Many Apples Can You Eat With Empty Stomach??


Sardaar : 4 Apples


Girl : You Can Eat Only 1 Apple because When You Eat 2nd Apple, Your Stomach Is Not Empty..!


Sardaar : Wah Yaar Kamal Kar Diya, Main Apnay Doston Ko bhi Bataunga


Sardaar To His Friend : How Many Apples Can You Eat With Empty Stomach??


Friend : 6 apples

Sardaar : Ja yaar, Tu 4 Bolta Tou Itna Shughal Lagata...!

:D :D


Teacher 2 Student..!

Teacher 2 Student :


"Jo Cheiz Tumhay Tang Ya Pareshaan Karay Ussay Apnay Paas Na Bhataknay Do..!"


STUDENT : Chal Shabash, Sab Se Pehlay Tu Nikal...!